Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Hat Man

One of the most common descriptions of a shadow being is that of a tall man wearing a wide brimmed hat. Details vary as to whether he has no facial features at all or glowing eyes of red or yellow. Some speak of only seeing this creature once in their life, others have reported seeing several sightings concentrated in one area. The similarity lies in the stature of the creature and the hat it appears to be wearing. There is also the general consensus that it is malevolent in nature.

One thing is certain, this Hat Man is believed to have been seen in places all over the world. In this country (USA), there seems to be an emphasis of sightings in the northeast, however it is certainly not indigenous only to those areas. One of the things that sets the Hat Man accounts apart from some of the other shadow entities is the interest this creature appears to show to those who have seen it. While many shadows are seen out of the corner of the eye, only to disappear when one focuses on them... the Hat Man seems to want to be seen. This seeming intelligence of the entity is possibly what gives it the negative perception that it has.


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