Tuesday, April 6, 2010

17 Facts and Statistics About Suicide

Sorry to post this one, but it is one of the main reasons why I have been working so hard on my book.

Fact number one: Many articles discuss the link between suicide and winter months. Studies have shown that most suicides actually occur during the spring. There are actually fewer suicides committed in the winter months.

Fact number two: In the United States, there are more instances of suicide in the western states than in eastern states.

Fact number three: Suicide is ranked number 8 in the leading cause of death of American males.

Fact number four:When a male attempts suicide, they are at least four times as likely to succeed as females.

Fact number five: The highest number of suicides committed are by whites, followed closely by American Indian and Native Alaskan men.

Fact number six: Around 60% of men who commit suicide use a firearm.

Fact number seven: Women attempt suicide as much as three times more often than men.

Fact number eight: Suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents ages 15 through 24.

Fact number nine: From six to ten thousand elderly people commit suicide each year. Most use a firearm.

Fact Number ten: Nearly six people out of every 100,000 will attempt suicide with a firearm.

Fact number eleven: Florida has the highest number of suicide death over all, followed closely by Texas.

Fact number twelve: Rhode Island and North Dakota have the lowest number of suicide deaths.

Fact number thirteen: Hanging accounts for about 1/5 of all suicides.

Fact number fourteen: Suicide is ranked number 11 in the leading cause of death of Americans.

Fact number fifteen: There are nearly one million suicide attempts in the United States each year.

Fact number sixteen: A suicide occurs approximately every 17 minutes in the United States.

Fact number seventeen: Black females have the lowest suicide rate among any other group.

Reference: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/228467/17_facts_and_statistics_about_suicide.html?cat=5

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